About Me & this Blog


I am a PhD student at Brunel University in the Department of Arts and Humanities. My PhD research is exploring the significance of science-fiction and fantasy posters for individuals and groups as a source of cultural significance and meaning.

Why choose to do a PhD on Sci-fi and fantasy Posters?

I am a sci-fi and fantasy fan and have been since I was 10 years old watching the new series of Doctor Who in 2005 with my family and I was hooked. At the time the walls of my room were white and blank, so I infused my love for sci-fi and fantasy with my love of art with sci-fi and fantasy posters. Over the years I have gained a collection of sci-fi and fantasy posters ranging from Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who and DC, which I have stored or displayed all over my bedroom as well as on my digital devices such as desktop and phone. Therefore, I choose to do my PhD around my love of sci-fi and fantasy posters so I could talk to other sci-fi and fantasy posters fans like yourself and apply an academic lens.


My Past Research Projects

I have received my Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Westminster. I have also received my Master's Degree in Anthropology - Material and Visual at UCL (University College London). My past research projects include my Bachelor's and Master's Dissertations. As well as my PhD thesis that I am currently working on.

'Perceptions of multiple identities amongst female university sociology students'

Bachelor's Dissertation

This research project explored how female university Sociology students perceive their multiple identities.

This involved understanding how the sense of identity within this group changed through university and how studying sociology impacted on their sense of self and perception of their multiple identities.

'Creating spaces of fantasy: Analysing people's display of sci-fi and fantasy posters'

Master's Dissertation

The aim of this research was to understand the roles of sci-fi and fantasy posters in the construction of 'outworld' escapist spaces as well as their impacts on the framing of and perceptions of identity, morality and the emotions of adult science-fiction and fantasy fans.

The research involved interviewing adult science-fiction and fantasy fans as well as London Comic Con (2018) attendees, a poster stall seller and a poster artist.