Information about Study


The aim of this study:

The aim of the research will be 

to explore the significance of science-fiction and fantasy posters for individuals & groups as a source of cultural significance & meaning.


Research Questions

  • What are the meanings and sources of the significance of science-fiction and fantasy posters to those who collect and display them?

  • How do science-fiction and fantasy posters reflect the individual’s own expressed sense of themselves? to what degree and ways, do the posters reflect their values for example?

  • What, if any or how much, significance do science-fiction and fantasy posters have for individual social behaviour, perceptions of identities, sense of self or wellbeing?

    • For example, do science-fiction and fantasy posters help reaffirm who they consider themselves to be in the sense of their identities or help their felt sense of wellbeing? It is important to make it clear that there is a possibility that science-fiction and fantasy posters might have limited significance for some of those who display them. Even where posters might be seen as having a role, that will be one among many aspects of someone’s life.

  • Does the context within which science-fiction and fantasy posters are displayed (private, public) affect their meaning to those who display them?

  • Are there any differences in such meanings or significance between ‘official’ science-fiction and fantasy posters and those produced as ‘fan art’?

  • Are the answers to the above questions influenced by the material/digital form of the science-fiction and fantasy posters? For physical forms, does the size and shape of the poster matter?


This study methods include:


Approximately at least 50 responses but hope for 100

Structured questions with multiple-choice tick boxes.

The questions are about your science-fiction and fantasy poster(s) these being either physical (i.e., paper, card, canvas etc) or digital (i.e., wallpaper on devices such as a laptop, tablet, desktop, and mobile phone) format. 

The questions span: 

  • Your poster(s) (e.g., the size, material, how many you have etc.) 

  • In the possible ways your poster(s) are significant and meaningful to you 

  • Yourself such national identity, age, religion, disability, social class, gender and ethnicity. This is useful to this study, but you can choose not to disclose all or any of this if you prefer. 

Approximately 20 - 50 participants

1 hour or more

Unstructured questions

The participants are asked to expand more on their answers in their online survey about their science-fiction and fantasy poster(s) (Physical and/or Digital).

  • There will be observations during the in-depth interviews of the participants interacting with their displayed posters. This includes how people make use of senses such as touch when making their choices.​

Poster Preference Study

This method will be used in the In-depth interviews and online survey.

The participants are asked to why they have chosen their science-fiction and fantasy poster(s).​

‘Willingness to pay’ assessment for posters

This method will be used in the In-depth interviews and online survey.

The participants are asked how much money they are willing to pay for a sci-fi and fantasy poster.

Do the different types of posters determine how much the participants are willing to pay?​