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The interview will follow up in more detail on the kinds of questions asked in the online survey you have already completed. The aim is to give me more detail and examples of science fiction and fantasy posters you display or collect and what their significance might be to you in various ways.


If you have any questions please email me at

I am interviewing from now to the 28th of February 2023 (28/02/2023).

I am free generally from 9:00 (9 am) to 18:00 (6 pm) (My Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time - GMT) on weekdays and weekends. But if needed I can interview around those times as well.

The interview will be 1- 2 hours or possibility more.


The interview will be done either...

  1. In-person (face-to-face), depending on your preference and/or practicality – including the COVID situation

  2. Online video call (Zoom or Teams) 

There is a list of documents for you to download, read and/or complete for the interview:


If you want your online survey response to refresh your memory of what you wrote, please email me at

The Interview

The list of documents is on the subpage 'Interview Documents' for you to download or I can email them to you.

What you need to do for the interview?

What does the Interview involve?

The Interview guide comprises the list of questions I will ask you the participant.

The questions will be more in-depth (semi-structured) than the structured (‘tick-box’) questions asked in the online survey about your science-fiction and/or fantasy poster(s) that you completed.

The questions regarding the physical and digital science-fiction and/or fantasy poster(s) are similar but are specific to physical and digital science-fiction and/or fantasy poster(s).

The questions span topics such as: 

  • Your physical and/or digital science-fiction and/or fantasy poster(s) themselves (e.g., in relation the size(s), material(s), how many you have etc.)

  • The location to which the science-fiction and/or fantasy poster(s) are located and/or the devices.

  • In the possible ways your poster(s) are significant and meaningful to you. Which I will ask questions in relations to demographics questions (e.g., your national identity, age, religion, disability, social class, gender, and ethnicity)

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